Our Mission

WeRich's mission is to make it's holders rich, as fast as possible.
We introduce you a deflationary token that will burn and rise in price with each transaction.



The total number of token will diminish with each transaction, and the price of the tokens will rise automatically.

Passive Income


Your tokens will rise up in quantity just by holding it.
Watch your balance rise with no efforts.

Auto Liquidity


The liquidity of the token will rise with each transaction.
You are totally safe with WeRich.

Our Features

WeRich token have the best features of a deflationary token.

Fair Launch

  • The team has zero tokens at the start of the project.


  • 2% of each transaction is burned forever to help the price rise faster.

Auto Liquidity

  • With each transaction some tokens will go to the liquidity pool.

Passive Income

  • 2% of each transaction is distributed to whoever have RICH in their wallet.



  • The total number of tokens at the start of the project is 1 quadrillion.
    This number is reduced with each transaction.
    Also 40% of the total tokens is burned at start of the project.

    Link of 40% burn


We will try our best to stick with the following Roadmap.

Stage 1

• Publish website and media
• Deploy Token
• Provide Liquidity
• Burn LP tokens
• Renounce Ownership

Stage 2

• Start Marketing
• Listing on all websites
• Coingeko
• CoinMarketCap

Stage 3

• Listing token on other Exchanges
• Partnership with big projects